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Ultralow emissions will be realized at all steel manufa

cturers in key regions, and in 80 percent of the sector nationwide by the end of 2025, under a guideline pub

lished by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Sunday. The guideline was drafted by the ministry and four other central gove

rnment bodies, including the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s economic planner.

The guideline sets different limits for various procedures in steel produ

ction. The hourly density of particulate matter in emissions should be below 10 mill

igrams per cubic meter in all procedures. As for sulfur dioxide and nitric oxide discharges, the limit can dif

fer. The hourly concentration of sulfur dioxide, for example, should be below 35 mg/cu m in emissions generated by core pr

ocesses, such as pellet roasting, but the standard is relaxed to 50 mg/cu m for other processes.

At least 80 percent of raw materials and products should be transported v

ia railway, ship and pipeline rather than road transportation, the guideline said.

China is the largest steel-maker in the world. The country produced 928 million metri

c tons of crude steel in 2018, representing 51.3 percent of the world’s output, the ministry said.

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For those who want to trek further afield, a 12-day trip

p to Greece is available for students to savor local history.

Scholars specializing in Greek studies, archaeologists and artists offer professional guidance.

To ensure that they get the moChina’s burgeoning e-commerce sector received a “fresh” boost from

the longer-than-usual May Day holidays, with millennials and high-quality brands being the growth boosters.

Data from leading online food delivery platform Eleme showed that food orders by people born

after 1995 rose by 112.4 percent during the holidays, compared with the same period a year ago.

st out of the study tours, students are asked to do relevant reading before the trip and then write a paper or deliver a ph

otography project afterward to demonstrate what they have learned, according to Zhang.

Immersion class, such as studying ancient Greek opera or replicating a pottery antique, can also be arranged.

“The idea is to ensure that children actually learn something,” Zhang says.

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Baidu CEO nominated to be academician; protest follows

Baidu CEO Robin Li Yanhong’s recent nomination for the country’s highest academic title

in engineering has triggered heated debate, with some netizens claiming Li was unqualified bec

ause of his search engine’s insufficient regulation of fraudulent medical advertising.

Li was one of 531 candidates, including 114 entrepreneurs, who might become academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engi

neering at the end of the year, according to a statement released by the academy on April 30.

Other nominees include e-commerce giant Alibaba’s technology chief Wang Jian, car

maker BYD founder Wang Chuanfu, and Microsoft computer engineer Harry Shum. The candidates wil

l be subject to a strict selection process, and only around 10 to 15 percent of them will be granted the prestigious title.

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Sculley was thrilled by the possibility. It would solve most of

Sculley was thrilled by the possibility. It would solve most of his management

issues, moving Jobs back to what he did best and getting rid of his disruptive

presence in Cupertino. Sculley also had a candidate to replace Jobs as manager


of the Macintosh division: Jean-Louis Gassée, Apple’s chief in France, who had

suffered through Jobs’s visit there. Gassée flew to Cupertino and said he would

take the job if he got a guarantee that he would run the division rather than

work under Jobs. One of the board members, Phil Schlein of Macy’s, tried to

convince Jobs that he would be better off thinking up new

products and inspiring a passionate little team.

But after some reflection, Jobs decided that was not the path he wanted. He declined

to cede control to Gassée, who wisely went back to Paris to avoid the power clash

that was becoming inevitable. For the rest of the spring, Jobs vacillated. There were

times when he wanted to assert himself as a corporate manager, even writing a memo

urging cost savings by eliminating free beverages and first-class air travel, and other

times when he agreed with those who were encouraging

him to go off and run a new AppleLabs R&D group.

In March Murray let loose with another memo that he marked “Do not circulate” but

gave to multiple colleagues. “In my three years at Apple, I’ve never observed so much

confusion, fear, and dysfunction as in the past 90 days,” he began. “We are perceived

by the rank and file as a boat without a rudder, drifting away into foggy oblivion.”

Murray had been on both sides of the fence; at times he conspired with Jobs to

undermine Sculley, but in this memo he laid the blame on Jobs. “Whether the cause

of or because


of the dysfunction,

Steve Jobs now

controls a seemingly

impenetrable power base.”

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